GlobalTech Circuitry-Icon
GlobalTech Circuitry
Scavenged circuitry from a Deadfall ruin.

This item can not be traded
This is a mission item
Item Level:46
Weight:0.1 kg


Other Details

This is a great item indeed!! They can be harvested in the Office Park, and when used right they can help you rocket up in faction rep. Set of 10 of these can be exchanged in Rothium Ridge for faction rep. While you harvest these besure to capture the Office Park Keep. That way you can use a Harvester, as well as participate in the "Defend the Keep" mission offered in the Keep. This will help you gain Death Toll, Faction Rep, and some mats or chips from the Harvester. You can use a Scrap Computer Chip Harvester there as well, which will make this whole process worth the time.

The amount of rep you get per stack of 10 varies. You can boost the missions reward if your Faction has the Global Territory Control Buff. You can boost it more if you have a party member with the Commander Aura near you as well. You can also purchase a Rep Booster from the Marketplace.

I was able to go to rocket up to lvl 80 after farming the area twice. I purchased the Rep Boost for 35 and waited till we had the Global Territory Control Buff, which granted me 2,000 faction rep points per stack of 10. Your reward total will vary. However, if you do plan ahead and save them up, as opposed to turning in every so often while you farm them, you can score almost 2x the base rep reward.

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