How Does Global Territory Control WorrkEdit

Types of Control PointsEdit

Interacting with Control PointsEdit

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Upgrading KeepsEdit

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More DetailsEdit

Map IconsEdit

Flames are added to the icon if that point is under attack or the flag is contested, and a shield is added if the control point has immunity (more on that later). If you mouse over these icons, their names and descriptions will provide additional information about what is going on.

How does a Faction become the dominating Faction?Edit

The Faction with the most Control Points is the Dominating Faction. These points are given based on the number of Conflict Towns and Keeps your Faction controls.

How many points is everything worth?Edit

Conflict Towns, free-standing Keeps like in Office Park and Feral Boughs (known as Quarantine PvP zone), and the central Keep in The District (FTC zone) are each worth 500 points. The 6 smaller Keeps in The District are each worth 100 points.

What does the dominating Faction get?Edit

The Dominating Faction receives a Global Buff to Death Toll, Faction, Experience, and Random AP gained. There is also a boost to crafting and harvesting speeds. And 25% discount from Merchants, Fast Travel and Towing.

What do the Keeps and Faction Control Points in Conflict Towns do?Edit

Most Conflict Towns either have 3 Keeps or 3 Faction Control Point flags in them. Holding a flag or a Keep will not directly contribute anything towards Global Territory Control, but it will help your Faction control that Conflict Town, which is what matters for GTC.

What does my Faction get for controlling a Keep?Edit

Members of the Faction that own any Keep can place valuable Resource Harvesters around the Keep. Harvesters provide an abundance of resources to the owner and allies in the area. There are also exclusive merchants with limited stock availability that are located in many of the Keeps and Conflict Towns.

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