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Looted from (1):
'''Looted from (1):{{TableLootedFrom|1=Enemy:_Blight_Wolf|2=_Blight_Wolf|3=?|4=Northfields|5=Union Plains|#=0}}'''
{{TableLootedFrom|1=Enemy:_Blight_Wolf|2=Enemy:_Blight_Wolf|3=?|4=Northfields|5=Union Plains|#=0}}
{| border="2" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" class="wikitable sortable"
Name Level
! scope="col" style="white-space: nowrap;"|Name
! scope="col" style="white-space: nowrap;"|Level

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Grand Canyon Goulash
It's a little bit of everything nasty.

This item can not be traded
This item can not be sold
Item Level:21
Weight:0.001 kg

Looted from (1):

|nowrap="nowrap"| Enemy:_Blight_Wolf |nowrap="nowrap" style="text-align:center;"| ? |-

Name Level

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