Handmade Barter SDB (8 Slots)
ManualGeneral Construction
SkillConstruction 1
Components1x Salvaged Metal Box
1x Impure Explosive Powder
1x Salvaged DNA Lock
1x Impure Self-repairing Membrane
1x Impure Geo-Plating
ToolConstruction Tradeskill Kit
Time30m 0s (22m 30s)
Dusty Lockbox
Handmade Barter SDB (8 Slots)
Use this Safety Deposit Box to place 8 more slots in your Barter Vault.

This item can not be traded
This item can not be sold
Item Level:1
Weight:0 kg
Effect:Handmade Barter SDB (8 Slots)
Gives your Barter Vault 8 more slots. This item can only be used one time per character.

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