Handmade Sector SDB (16 Slots)
ManualGeneral Construction
SkillConstruction 1
Components1x Average Wooden Box
1x Average Razor Blades
1x Average Bioscan Lock
1x Average Anti-Scratch Coating
1x Inedible Extreme Jerky
ToolConstruction Tradeskill Kit
Time30m 0s (22m 30s)
Dusty Lockbox
Handmade Sector SDB (16 Slots)
Use this Safety Deposit Box to place 16 more slots in your Sector Vault.

This item can not be traded
This item can not be sold
Item Level:1
Weight:0 kg
Effect:Handmade Sector SDB (16 Slots)
Gives your Sector Vault 16 more slots. This item can only be used one time per character.

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