Hardened Leather Cap
ManualHelmets 1 Instructions
SkillArmorcraft 54
Components6x Ragged Cotton
8x Ragged Leather
2x Scrap Fasteners
3x Weak Biologic Chemical
ToolArmorcraft Tradeskill Kit
Time14m 30s (10m 52s)

Hardened Leather Cap.jpg
Hardened Leather Cap
Perfectly appropriate for a game of football. In the 1920s.

Item Level:18
Weight:1 kg
Category:Head Armor
Min Condition:1
Resists:Slashing +75
Piercing +85 Crushing +75
Fire +50 Cold +50
Acid +23 Radiation +23
Ballistic +75 Poison +23
Sonic +30 Electric +23
Psionic +30 Disease +23
Requirement: Player Level 8

Pricing Guide
Buy Price268 - chips
Buy Price454 Death Toll

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