Heavy Work Boots
ManualBoots 3 Instructions
SkillArmorcraft 120
Components6x Tattered Leather
2x Salvaged Rubber
1x Salvaged Fasteners
ToolArmorcraft Tradeskill Kit
Time20m 0s (15m 0s)
Heavy Work Boots Icon
Heavy Work Boots
Can be used for light and medium work as well.

Item Level:40
Weight:3 kg
Min Condition:1
Resists:Slashing +143
Piercing +143 Crushing +143
Fire +90 Cold +90
Acid +45 Radiation +45
Ballistic +143 Poison +45
Sonic +39 Electric +45
Psionic +39 Disease +45
Requirement: Player Level 30
Modifier:-2 Coordination

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