• Location
  • Jeff Rhodes
  • Overview inside the Hive - first "floor"
  • Finding Ryan Keel
  • Lower Level of the Hive
  • Lower Level - The Dungeon
  • No more Soldiers left

Sector: Kaibab Forest
County: Northern Forest
Waypoint: /waypoint 6127680 5358438


A small Outpost south of Warhall. Jeff Rhodes gives you the Quest Objective: Recon Sector 17. Inside the Hive there are lots of Changed and the missing Soldier Ryan Keel. He leads you to the next Lucky to Be Alive, where you have to go deeper into the Hive. Go to the lower Level and figure out what happened. You find the Location and the new Mission Ferocious, Carnivorous starts. Deliver the Mission Object back to Jeff Rhodes. (Every Step gives you 600 Exp).

The last to do is go back into the Hive and do the Mission (Group) Day of Revenge. Kill 10 Changed and her Boss - Slaith. The Reward: 1AP, 600 Exp. and 2250 Chips.







Hive of the Changed Missions

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