A United States-built military facility at the Hoover Dam that became the last known stronghold of mankind during The Fall.

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2054 Edit

  • Construction begins.

2055 Edit

  • The facility begins operation under the command of Colonel Orson Masters.

2057 Edit

  • The facility loses all contact with the outside world.

2058 Edit

  • The last refugees from outside the Grand Canyon Province, specifically Las Vegas, reach the Garrison.

2090 Edit

  • Colonel Orson Masters promotes himself to General to better reflect his increased responsibilities in leading the community that the Hoover Dam Garrison has become.

2099 Edit

2126 Edit

  • Responding to attacks on its scouts and the rise of the CHOTA leader Redhand, forces from the Hoover Dam Garrison attack the CHOTA settlement of Five Points. In response the CHOTA send a group of mutant assassins into the Hoover Dam Garrison, killing General William Masters. His son Alec Masters assumes control of the Garrison.

2127 Edit

  • Under Alec Masters, the Hoover Dam Garrison becomes a despotism.
  • The CHOTA are forced back to CHOTA Gulch and Siller's Canyon.
  • Mutants are rounded up by the hundreds for experimentation, most never to be seen again.

2132 Edit

2150 Edit

  • After years of conflict, the CHOTA storm the Hoover Dam Garrison with assistance from the Travelers and Vistas.
  • Tired of years of abuse, the people of the Garrison rise up against Alec Masters as well.
  • The Garrison is destroyed in the ensuing battle and the dam abandoned.
  • Alec Masters is killed by the CHOTA.

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