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|name = Improved Stimulant Dose
|manual = Trauma 4 Instructions
|manual = Trauma 4 Instructions
|skilltype = Medicine
|skilltype = Medicine

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Improved Stimulant Dose
ManualTrauma 4 Instructions
SkillMedicine 180
Components2x Average Geologic Chemical
2x Average Botanic Chemical
4x Potable Water
3x Average Botanic Chemical
ToolMedicine Tradeskill Kit
Time12m 30s (9m 22s)
Icon Placeholder
Improved Stimulant Dose
This medicine regenerates your stamina, but inflicts tissue damage.

Item Level:60
Weight:0.1 kg
Effect:Improved Stimulant Dose
This Medicine item instantly restores 185 Stamina, but reduces health regeneration by 45 for 30 seconds.
Charge Time:1.0 seconds
Delay:60.0 seconds
Requirement: Player Level 50

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