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  • Tourist Telescope
  • Night Wolves Camp north of the Jensen Farm
  • Curious Debris that spawns at the Camp

Sector: Plateau
County: Ascendant Ridge
Waypoint: /waypoint 4414192 3863174
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 4414266 3863119


The Jensen Farm is top on the Plateau between Coppermine and Pass Chris. On the Farm there are Matt and Nadja Jensen, but they are no Conversers/Questors. On the Farm there are a lot of vegetable, fruit and grain plants. Nearby you can find a lot of Nodes to harvest, scavenge and mine.

Jenson's Sheep are under attack of a Chupacabra!

The Location is Part of the Achievements: "Orienteer: Plateau" and "Senior Explorer: Plateau".


Explorer Achievement

Achievement Icon Orienteer
Orienteer : Jensen Farm

Take in the view at the Jensen Farm.

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