Sector: Plateau
County: Kingman View
Waypoint: /waypoint 4207237 3637261


Kingman Prison is a heavily-fortified structure in the Plateau region, currently serving as the headquarters for Casta Gaunt and his ever-expanding army of raiders, bandits, murderers, and thieves. Most of the prison is in fairly good condition despite the time that has passed, and this is solely due to regular maintenance; Gaunt is not the first individual to use the prominent, defensible hilltop location as a fortress, and certainly won't be the last. Before the Fall, the prison was equipped to house about one hundred and eighty inmates between the numerous cell blocks, and also possessed the only capital punishment facility in the region in the form of an electric chair.[1]

The prison actually consists of two large incarceration buildings within a two-layer fortified wall. Pens outside of the first wall were used as kennels for guard animals. It is said that there is a subterranean level to the prison complex as well, though none in recent years have had the opportunity to confirm this. Nevertheless, no one has been known to have escaped the prison before or after the Fall.

Kingman Prison was created with a 4 to 5 player team in mind, allowing them to fight their way into the very heart of Casta Gaunt's stronghold and kill the man behind the raider band whose mooks are wreaking havoc throughout the center of the Plateau area. Instead of just fighting wave after wave of human opponents, however, players do battle with mixed groups of Casta's minions, which consist of your usual scrap-weapon-wielding thugs, horrific deformed clones that are the result of Casta's experiments with the LifeNet cloning technology, and a number of specially-scripted instance bosses which utilize tactics and combat mechanics outside of the scope of typical encounters.

Character are able to enter the instance one of two ways; bypass the gauntlet of guard animals and raiders between the front gates of the prison and its interior entrance, or complete an indepth mission chain where they utilize the LifeNet technology that Casta Gaunt has been exploiting as a weapon against him and arrive deep within the prison complex without having to fight their way through the guards outside. Nothing prevents more combat-oriented players from foregoing this option and just hacking a path into the prison, though. Unless they run out of ammo.







Kingman Prison Missions

Achievement Icon UrbExer
UrbExer : Kingman Prison

Find the cache in the Kingman Prison

Achievement Icon Cast a Deep Shadow
Cast a Deep Shadow
Kill Casta Gaunt in Old Kingman Prison.



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