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Lightbearer Mission Bundle
ManualFaction Camps 1 Instructions
SkillConstruction 120
Components3x Iron Support
1x Radio Beacon
3x Water-Resistant Hide
2x Salvaged Fasteners
2x Hot Pot Luck
ToolConstruction Tradeskill Kit
Time20m 0s (15m 0s)
Bundle Icon.png
Lightbearer Mission Bundle
Zen camping at its finest.

Item Level:40
Weight:1 kg
Effect:Lightbearer Mission Bundle
This camp creates a Lightbearer Mission, which consists of a tent, consumables merchant and campfire, as well as providing Athletics and superior gamma regeneration buffs. This camp will persist for 3 hours.
Requirement: Player Level 30
Lightbearer 10000


The Lightbearer Medic sells: