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List of Fallen Earth Clans. Please note that the list may or may not be current at any given time as it is largely the responsibility of the particular clan listed to update the information. In addition, please respect each of the listings presented and refrain from altering them in a negative manner.



  • Smokers:

Smokers Motorcycle Club Wasteland Chapter

*Live Fast, Die and be Re-Cloned*

Logo Name


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The Saviors Any Faction


Royal Bloodline Very active and friendly individuals. For All.

Factions United Clan Killer's Official Clan Logo

Factions United Clan Killers

F.U.C.K. is an active omni crafter's PvE Clan
Condemned CHOTA
12 Leagion Chota / Vista
Terror Raiders Lightbearer clan
Imageedit 2 8561052706.jpg
Red Alert Lightbearer

La Fee Verte

Vistas Main,Chota And Lightbearer clan
{Band of Brothers} Enforcer
A BETTER TOMORROW (German) Omni-Faction dead clan
Hells Demonic Rangers Lightbearer, Enforcer and Tech Clan
Black Company Tech(main)/ Omni-Faction dead clan
Wives Of Abraham Lincoln Enforcer
Smokers Chota Trav Logo.jpg
Smokers Mostly CHOTA some Travs (PVE/PVP/Crafters)
*Red Star* Anyone
Rage Traveler clan
BOSS Tech clan
Czechoslovak Freelancers (CSF) Czech/Slovak clan
Das Netz (German) Omni-Faction dead clan
Heretic Vista
Drifters Omni-Faction
Drlp (Death Row Loot Party) Enforcer - Tech dead clan
EL Polako Traveler clan
E.T.S.U Enforcers
Ethnicity any/vistas/latin ppl dead clan
Evil League of Evil.gif Evil League of Evil Tech dead clan
FOR SCIENCE! - A Fallen Earth Clan Any/Tech(Main)/Enforcer/Traveller dead clan
Freedom Defense Academy Mostly Enforcer, some LBs

Freedom Defense Corps

Freedom Defense Corps Enforcer only

My clans logo

Freedom Fighter Anarchists(pvp/rp) CHOTA!! dead clan
Tech Subjects PVP Tech clan.

[Girls Generation]

[Girls Generation]

Any, As long as you are a true female in heart. OMNI


Enforcer(main)/Lightbearer/Tech dead clan

~The Illuminati~ Accepting Traveler/Tech dead clan
Lord of Light Lightbearers, Enforcers, Vistas dead clan
Highland Warrior Lighbearer/Enforcers
DISMAY Traveller
N.C.R. Rangers Enforcers dead clan
new world Communist army Any dead clan
Old Timers Guild (OTG) Any Faction
Paradigm of Humanity Any dead clan
Plague Any Faction/Always PVP Flagged dead clan
Problem, Officer? Omni-Faction dead clan
RD.png Ravenwood Division Enforcer(main), Omni-Faction dead clan
Restored Freedom Defense Corps Enforcer only
REVOLUTION All, as long as you're friendly dead clan
Rise Against Omni-Factioned dead clan 
Roman Flag.jpg
Roman Legion I Any dead clan
Sabre Company Omni-Factioned dead clan
Saints Traveler Only dead clan
SPQR Tech - All SPQR members have been banned for mass aimbot hacking.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S All Factions (As long as you get along!) dead clan
Stalkers Training Center (RUS) Enforcer dead clan
Tarukai Any Faction dead clan
time of exploration (German) CHOTA
Tribal Blood CHOTA

Vista dead clan

United Federation of Clones

United Federation of Clones Any (Faction Neutral) dead clan
The New Order (TNO) Enforcers clan
Foxhound Enforcers clan
Imageedit 16 7047512155.png
The Terrans Army (TTA) Enforcers/Lightbearer clan
Colonization and

Mining Guild

Techs Only
Twisted Metal real CHOTA only.
Hive Omni faction Clan.
Brujeria Brujeria é um clan para Brasileiros