In regards to loot, the only things you find on bears are fur, bones, meat, and teeth. Bears don't carry pocket change. Neither do wolves, dogs, prairie chickens, etc. The primary way to make killing animals profitable is by harvesting them for their skins and meat.[1] While you won’t see animals dropping weapons, at the same time you won’t get everything that you see on a person you kill. Instead you’ll get components based on what they’re wearing. So if you shoot up a guy wearing some advanced armor, you’ll likely get some Kevlar or titanium off of him. Our thought is if you’ve put enough hurting on someone to kill them you’ve probably torn their clothes and armor up real good so you only get the left-over scraps. Sometimes you will get items from a person based on what they were using, but you more commonly get components.[2]

Looting is performed by pressing the "Interact" key (default is 'Y') or clicking the right mouse button.  Holding down the shift key while looting will bypass the loot window and move everything into your bags.

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