Sector: Plateau
County: Westreach
Waypoint: /waypoint 3893377 3191624
Tourist Telescope: /waypoint 3883548 3184902
Garage: /waypoint 3887591 3207907
Bunker Bar: /waypoint 3895353 3180963


Midway is a pistol and rifle starter town with a focus on crafting missions. Before the fall, Midway was a high-class neighborhood. Nowadays, it is considered a manufacturing town where most of its supplies go through to trade hubs such as Odenville. Although nominally a town under the protectorate of the CHOTA, control of the town is left to two Traveller families, the Burnses and the Kellers fighting for dominance of the run-down town. [1]

All the while the Found, a group of machine-worshippers part of the Cleric of Gates movement and led by an enigmatic cultist called Mother Board, scours the outskirts and the underground tunnels of Midway. They intend to take out any who stand in their way of recovering and and then worshipping scavenged technology from the Midway scrapyards.

As murderous machine-worshiping madmen gather outside the junkyards of Midway, the feuding Traveler families fight for power and fend off the encroaching Blade Dancer raiders.[2]








Midway Missions


Explorer Achievements

Achievement Icon Tourist
Tourist : Midway

Take in the view at Midway.


The Midway tourist achievement is also part of:

Achievement Icon Trailblazer
Trailblazer : Westreach

See the sights in Westreach.



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