• Overview on the Way from Reve's Mine
  • Nearby Garage and Respawn Pod
  • Overview
  • Location on Map
  • Entrance to the Silo
  • Enoch
  • Tyson Guillard and Anita Steinmetz
  • Inside the Silo / NORSEC Terminal
  • One of the Rockets
  • Subject GX324
  • Dusty Chest inside the Silo

Sector: Plateau
County: High Point
Waypoint: /waypoint 4653615 3939830
Old Chest (Cache): /waypoint 4673250 3950995
Garage: /waypoint 4641495 3959691


South of Reye's Mine and west of Watchtower you find the Missile Silo. Enemies are some types of CoGs and some Shiva's Favored. Inside you find first NPC Enoch and after you drive in with the Elevator there ist the NORSEC Terminal. Also there are three Bosses: Sister Dram, Brother Crypt and Brother Torg. The Dusty Chest / Tourist Telescope is near Brother Crypt in the East of the Silo.

In the southwest is the Entrance to the Vermin Catacombes, where you find some Cockroaches, Black Ant's and the "Subject GX324".

The CoGs have managed to enter the old Missile Silo and plan to set off the nuclear warheads within. The Shiva's Favored wait outside the structure hoping to witness the destruction of the human race. A small group of Enforcers hope to combat the CoGs and remain in the northeast section of the area while a few other people remain inside hoping for aid.







Missile Silo Missions



Achievement Icon UrbExer
UrbExer : Missile Silo

Find the cache in the Missile Silo

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