A Bit of a Pickle (Vistas)
StartBallsy Frank
EndJon Dawkins
Rewards100 Experience
10 Chips
200x Crossbow Bolt
1x Crossbow Schematics
ChainA Bit of a Pickle (Vistas)
Green Works
Tracking the Prey
Through the Looking Glass
The Common Good
Natural Selection
Let the Bedbugs Bite
Dust to Dust
Let's Get This Over With
Let's Get This Over With (2)
Let's Get This Over With (3)
Let's Get This Over With (4)
Time LimitUnlimited
Requirement(s)Level 2


A Bit of a Pickle
Mission-Talk to Jon Dawkins

Ballsy Frank wants you to talk to Jon Dawkins in the Lab Domes near Mumford about a job.
100 Experience
10 Chips
Items you will receive:
200x Crossbow Bolt
1x Crossbow Schematics



Oh yeah! I knew I could count on one of you restarts showing up.
MissionXYou're obnoxious. I'm leaving.

Yeah. You know, a clone. Do-over. Collar-monkey. Whatever you call yourself, I need someone like you on my side.
Mission-What do you do, exactly?
MissionXNo way, fella.

I've got me a problem. I take on some pretty dangerous tasks around here. You know that collapsed basement a few weeks back?
MissionXNo, and I don't care.

Well, this basement collapsed with some rich guy in it. Hus wife offered up a bag of chips for someone to crawl in there and rescue him before the whole building came down on top of him. So I did.
Mission-What's this got to do with me?
MissionXGood for you, now.

Oh, right. I do some crazy shit is all. Now I got me a deal working in the crash site. It's a bit 'radiated, but I don't care. Nothin' gets through this thick skin! I once ate this big bowl of...
Mission-Dude. Focus. What's this got to do with me?!MissionV
Mission-Get to the point or I leave.
MissionXGotta go. Bye.

Sorry. All right. I took two jobs that'll take me into the crash site. The problem is, they both made me promise I wouldn't work for the other.
Mission-So what job are you pawning off on me?
MissionXNot interested, thanks.

That's the best part... I don't give a damn about either of the jobs! I'll let you pick. I'll take the other. There's this salvage team led by Mercury Reynolds getting all the electronics and power core stuff they can find, and then there's Jon Dawkins and his clean-up crew. I think they want to study the contamination or something. So, who do you want to report to?
Mission-Mercury Reynolds and his salvage team.
Mission-Jon Dawkins and his clean-up crew.MissionV
MissionXI'm not sure. I'll come back later.

Sweet. Okay... he's taken over the lab on the right in that big ol' dome behind me. Now, be sure to treat him nice... Jon ain't got much of a sense of humor.
MissionVAll right.
Mission-I changed my mind... send me to Reynolds.
MissionXI changed my mind. I'm leaving.


What do YOU want?
MissionVBallsy Frank sent me.
MissionXNothing. Sorry to bother you.


A Bit of a Pickle
So. I thought Ballsy Frank was too good to be true. Well, I'll take any help I can get on this. I guess you'll have to do.
100 Experience
10 Chips
Items you will receive:
200x Crossbow Bolt
1x Crossbow Schematics


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