A Bracing Proposition (3)
StartFritz Kobe
EndFritz Kobe
Mission ItemsBrace Prototype
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
300 Chips
+4500 Tech Faction
ChainThe Name of the Game
The Name of the Game (2)
The Name of the Game (3)
Newdell Shafto
A Bracing Proposition
A Bracing Proposition (2)
A Bracing Proposition (3)
The Right Tools for the Job
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaPicus Ridge


  1. Brace Model obtained
  2. Return for your reward


Fritz Kobe in Picus Ridge wants you to get the brace model from the Milsec Guard's camp.


Fritz Kobe:

It was this piece of metal that I spotted over where those helmet-wearing weirdos are camped. I didn't think anything of it, but now--I think it might be an actual model of this brace! We could use this to make the town walls at LEAST twice as strong. If you'll get it from their camp, I'll give you a week's pay!


You have acquired: Brace Prototype


All RIGHT! Yeah, it might not be much for YOU to get excited about, but for an architecture geek like me, this has made my whole month! Man, how'd those brain-addled freaks get their hands on this...? It's WAY beyond them. For that matter, it's way beyond US! What the hell do they have access to? Thanks. Seriously. You've been a big help. In fact... listen, there something else I want to tell you about.

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