A Glorious History
StartFabin Blaine
EndFabin Blaine
Mission ItemsHydra Weed Leaf
Rewards500 Experience
190 Chips
ChainA Glorious History
Time LimitUnlimited
Requirement(s)Level 25


A Glorious History
Mission-Acquire 5 Hydra Weed Leaves
Mission-Return for your reward

Fabin Blaine in Blaine wants you to bring him five Hydra Weed Leaves.



Yep, this town's pretty much got my fingerprints allll over it. Started it with my own two hands, back around '46. Of course, it wasn't as fancy and all as it is today, but I reckon it was a right sweet little burg, if I do say so myself.
Mission-How did it become a Banker town?

Well, when the Getton sisters - that's Ira and Irma, they started the Bank, you know that, right? Well, they had some scouts lookin' around, trying to spot a good place to set up a more permanent shop. And when they saw my little town? Why, they just couldn't pass it up! Made me a right fair offer, they did.
Mission-So the Bankers more or less bought your town from you? But you still run it, right?

Yeah, I still...that is to say, I'm consulted about any important, uh...I serve as a figure of inspiration to the citizenry here, and...
Mission-You learn anything?

Hey, you know what I really enjoy? Hydra weed pip tobacco. Not many people like it...and I'll admit it's an acquired taste...but after a while your eyes stop watering entirely. Maybe you could go get me some? There's plenty of hydra weeds outside town. Just grab five or so good-looking leaves and bring 'em to me. I'll give you a fair price.
Mission-So, in your capacity as the guy who runs the town, you basically sit on your porch and smoke your pipe?

You want that money or not?
MissionVYeah, yeah, I'll be back soon.


Got my leaves?


A Glorious History
Good job, good job, these'll smoke up right nice!


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