A Jagged Cut
Rewards500 Experience
10 Chips
Choose one:
1x Lawnmower Blade
1x Utility Knife
1x Crude Spear
ChainA Jagged Cut
Rightful Retaliation
On the Trail
Sidetracked (2)
Sidetracked (3)
Slice and Dice
Time LimitUnlimited
Requirement(s)Level 2


A Jagged Cut
Mission-Kill 6 Blade Dancer Scavenger
Mission-Return for your reward

Jaggd in Mumford wants you to go to the satellite crash site and kill Blade Dancer Scavengers. You may need to look around the crash site area for more to kill.



You, there. You look like you could hurt people if you wanted to. Help me out and you'll make some chips.
Mission-Sure. Why not?

Good. A Blade Dancer scum by the name of Kizzy Malone killed three of my brothers in their sleep before a battle last spring. The rest of my tribe followed the call of that worthless scab Jannix Boneclaw before I could finish hunting her down.
Mission-So that's why you need help...

Weren't you listening? I didn't say that I couldn't destroy her! I only need more bodies to crush her works before we crush her throat. Some of my old brothers and sisters in the Orphans are helping me, but I need someone who's willing to do some of the more dirty work.
Mission-Like a clone.

Yes. I have several tasks, but my brother and sisters call them suicide and refuse to help. That's no problem for you, right?
Mission-Not usually.

Good. I want to crush Kizzy Malone's throat with my own hands, but if I can't, I want one of my people to do it. Not that know-nothing ass of a Sheriff, Amy Dennis. You'd think that an enemy of my enemy would be my friend, but no. She's been trying to run me and the Orphans out of town since we got here.
Mission-What's her problem with you?

Her problem is that I'd rather burn this town down around me with Kizzy Malone in it than let her go.
Mission-I see.

Down to business. First thing I need you to do, the Blade Dancer filth are salvaging the giant hunk of scrap metal in the big craters. They run in like carrion-eaters, steal pieces, and then run away. You may need to look around the perimeter inside the fence before you find them all. Kill the cowards.
MissionVI'm on it.


MissionVThey're broken and bleeding.

A Jagged Cut
Good. I need you to take care of something else before we continue to hunt Blade Dancer scum.


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