Alive and Well
StartGraham 846
EndGraham 846
Rewards500 Experience
1x LifeNet Issue Clone Terminator
ChainYou're Dying (Level 5+)
All in the Family
All in the Family (2)
You're Dying (level 7+)
You're Dying
You're Dying (2)
You're Dying (3)
You're Still Dying
You're Still Dying (2)
You're Still Dying (3)
Alive and Well
Time LimitUnlimited


Talk to Graham 846


Speak to Graham 846 about the status of your DNA.


You look much better. As far as I can tell, your efforts have been successful. I'll continue to monitor your DNA, but I believe you're all right now. Now that you're well, I have something I want your help with. I assume you plan on traveling to Northfields soon. When you do, I want you to talk to the Graham near Barret Manor. Like me, he'll be in the LifeNet pod there. Please try not to forget.

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