All Along the Doohickey (2)
StartUnk Geaumont
EndUnk Geaumont
Rewards500 Experience
ChainAll Along the Doohickey
All Along the Doohickey (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaToro Valley Road's End


1. Kill the Watchtower "Ghost"

2. Return for your reward


Find and kill the "ghost" outside Unk Geaumont's watchtower.


Unk Geaumont:

Don't you understand I'm being HAUNTED out here! My dead brother! My poor dead brother! My poor, stupid, over-privileged, insufferable dead brother! HE'S BACK! He's taunting me, ME, while I'm all alone out here in my tower! He whispers to me - he follows after me - he chucks things at my head! Why can't he understand that I didn't MEAN to empty that quart of rat poison into his oatmeal? It's not like I WANTED to take over his farm and marry his wife that I'd had a crush on for forty-three years! AAAHHHHH! Okay, look, I know that ghost is out there - like, RIGHT OUT THERE - outside the tower! I've seen the shadow flitting around! I'm powerless against it, but you might not be...could you go and try to kill it for me? Please? Pleeeease?


Oh, bless you, bless you, you've done me an invaluable service! Given me a priceless gift! Plus now the property values around here might go up. Thank you so much!

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