All the Damn Vampires (2)
StartDr. Abraham Van Corian
EndDr. Abraham Van Corian
Mission ItemsMayor Hancock's Notes
Rewards500 Experience
200 Chips
ChainBlood on the Hoof
Blood on the Hoof (2)
Pale Blood
Pale Blood (2)
Father Gray
All the Damn Vampires
All the Damn Vampires (2)
All the Damn Vampires (3)
Sweet and Sour Raiders
Sweet and Sour Self
Masonic Secrets
Masonic Secrets (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunset Hill


All the Damn Vampires (2)
Mission-Search for clues (check the papers on the bar on the 2nd floor)
Mission-Return for your reward

Dr. Van Corian near Sunset Hill wants you to search the Mayor's house for clues about the Pale One's lair.
500 Experience
200 Chips



Tom is dead. When I tested the blood from the Pale One you retrieved, I discovered that it destroyed normal human blood. Tome must have been infected with the contaminated blood; attempts to provide him with clean blood via transfusions failed. Before he died, however, he mentioned some kind of underground lair accessible from the mausoleums. Have you seen it?
Mission-Yes, I've been in it.
Mission-No, I haven't seen it.
MissionXI'm not interested in this.

I feel there can be no doubt this lair is the stronghold of the Pale Ones. I cannot advise you strongly enough that you should learn more before entering. Mr. Hancock, our erstwhile mayor, was researching the history of the cemetery before his untimely demise. I suggest you start by searching his home.
Mission-I'll check out the mayor's house.
MissionXMaybe later.


Did you find anything useful in the mayors house?
MissionVThese documents were left on the table.
MissionXMaybe, I will check back later.

All the Damn Vampires (2)
These documents are quite strange, indeed. They appear to be written in some form of hieroglyphics. These symbols--the ones here and here--I have seen these before....
500 Experience
200 Chips


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