An Insecure Route
StartPhil Dresden
EndPhil Dresden
FactionFranklin's Riders
Rewards500 Experience
35 Chips
+250 Franklin's Riders Faction
Choose one:
400x Cheap Ammunition
200x Crossbow Bolt
1x Hatchet
ChainAn Insecure Route
An Insecure Route (2)
My Word is My Bond
My Word is My Bond (2)
My Word is My Bond (3)
Reinforcing the Bond
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads


1. Find the location
2. Defend your position (two waves of two Filthy Liars)

3. Return for your reward


Phil Dresden of Embry Crossroads wants you to head out on the road toward Mumford and see if any bandits wearing green jump you.


Phil Dresden: We can't keep Riders alive around here. I've been trying and trying to hire escorts for my guys and gals, but I can't seem to trust anyone. Someone out there has been robbing and killing the Riders that approach Embry, and if people don't trust us to deliver their correspondence and packages, they'll stop trying, and civilization will fail.

Player: A little melodramatic, don't you think?

Phil Dresden: Not at all! What do you think keeps technology, research, and trade going? Deliveries! Contact with the outside world! So many things people used to take for granted before the fall can no longer be counted on. Without the Franklin's Riders, we'd all be eating dirt with stone spoons.

Player: Okay, then. What can I do to help?

Phil Dresden: You can start by performing a test for me. I have some contacts that are willing to work permanent security for us, but I'm not sure whether they're a real security team or just trying to get close so they can rob us.

Player: What's my role?

Phil Dresden: I made sure their leader overheard me say that I'm sending a Rider disguised as a clone to deliver a shipment of valuable goods to Mumford some time this week.

Player: And you want to see if they jump me...

Phil Dresden: Precisely. This supposed security force dresses less like uniformed security and more like a gang. Green bandanas. If they jump you, we'll know they can't be trusted.


Good plan.


Phil Dresden: So, did they attack you?




I knew it. Those bastards deserved every hole you put in 'em.

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