Group Mission IconAnd Justice for All
StartBen Carson
EndBen Carson
TypeAP Mission
Group Mission
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
300 Chips
1x Strengthened Sickle
1x Skull Opener
ChainNew Blood
New Blood (2)
New Blood (3)
Bad Blood
Bad Blood (2)
Hot-blooded (2)
Hot to Trot
Hot to Trot (2)
Science on the Trot
Not Rocket Science
Not Rocket Science (2)
Drug Tsarevna
Liberty or Death
Liberty or Death (2)
And Justice for All
And Justice for All (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaNew Flagstaff


And Justice for All
Mission-Kill Superintendent Bill Richards
Mission-Kill Lester Ruth
Mission-Kill Polkovnik Dasha Tucker
Mission-Return for your reward

Ben Carson wants you to eliminate the local leaders of the Devil's Own, the Union, and the White Crow in Last Stop.
500 Experience
1 AP
300 Chips
Items you will receive:
1x Strengthened Sickle
1x Skull Opener



Poor Liberty. Reading this, it looks like she and the others were kidnapped to be used as guinea pigs in testing the Formula 489. They've taken them to Windfarm. The Union and the White Crow are working on this drug together, and I don't feel like there's a thing I can do about it. I doubt the townsfolk are still alive, and even if they are, I hate to think what's happened to them. If you go up to Windfarm, you kick some Union ass for me.
Mission-I will if I go there.

Thank you. In the meantime, how do you feel about taking out some of these kidnapping jerks? Taking out the leadership of each group should help. You'll have to find the officers. I don't know what kind of ranks you'll encounter, but I suspect they'll be pretty tough. You might want to grab a buddy.
Mission-Do you know where the officers are?

Yeah. I got up the courage to do a little snooping while you were gone. There are high-ranking soldiers and raiders all over the town, but I've been able to find out the leaders' names and locations. Who do you want to know about first?
Mission-Who's leading the Devil's Own?

The leader of the Devil's Own is a self-styled General named Lester Ruth. He's somewhere in the southeastern suburbs.
Mission-Who's leading the Union?

The leader of the Union is Superintendent Bill Richards. He should be in one of the office buildings in town.
Mission-Who's leading the White Crow?

The leader of the White Crow is Polkovnik Dasha Tucker. The Crow are entrenched in the bowling alley.
Mission-I'm ready to fight.


Did you get the bastards?
MissionVYes, I did.
MissionXNot yet.


And Justice for All
I'm glad. Maybe that'll bring some justice to Liberty and the others.
500 Experience
1 AP
300 Chips
Items you will receive:
1x Strengthened Sickle
1x Skull Opener



Although it is a tricky shot, one can shoot Polkovnik Dasha Tucker through a window well away from the White Crow Soldats and Vojaks surrounding her and the road outside the building. She will attack alone and not bring the others with her.
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