Angels All Too Few (4)
6491374 5610819
EndUpon killing Romochka Daudov
6526830 5624916
Rewards550 Experience
ChainAngels All Too Few
Angels All Too Few (2)
Angels All Too Few (3)
Angels All Too Few (4)
Angels All Too Few (5)
Footprints of Angels
Rising Upward
Carry No Burdens
On a Winding Path
The Whole Design
Devil's Porchlight
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaBanker's Hole


1 Romochka Daudov killed


Angels All Too Few (4)
Morrigan, self-proclaimed Queen of the Aro Si, wants you to hunt down and kill an old White Crow leader named Romachka Daudov.



Nick told you my story, did he? Little brother left out a few things, I suspect, probably because he refuses to believe that our father would have done something so hideously cruel. A White Crow named Romochka Daudov came to Banker's Hole ten years ago. He demanded the settlement's surrender. Uncle Silas was ready to fight, but my father made a deal. He offered Mother to Daudov in trade. The day Daudov came for her, she took her own life. She would be no man's slave. Banker's Hole fought and won. Uncle Silas turned back the White Crow. Daudov was badly hurt, but he escaped. It's said he still roams the land. Find him. Kill him. I will be in your debt.
MissionVTell me more.


Angels All Too Few (4)
The old White Crow commander has been killed. Morrigan should be pleased to hear this news.


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