As the Crow Dies
StartCliff Bickford
EndUpon killing the injured soldier
Rewards500 Experience
ChainAs the Crow Dies
As the Crow Dies (2)
Access Denied
Access Denied (2)
Access Denied (3)
Access Denied (4)
Access Denied (5)
Access Denied (6)
Access Granted
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaBrigg's Point
Requirement(s)Level 43


As the Crow Dies
Mission-Kill the Injured Soldier

A White Crow Soldier with a bandaged hand stole an item from the Bankers claim on the underground research lab. Infiltrate their camp, find him and bring the item back to Cliff Bickford
500 Experience



We made a mistake in hiring the White Crow. I knew it was too convenient - that just as we needed protection services, they are here they show up and offer theirs. Any other for-hire mercenaries would have taken forever to get all the way down here, and honestly everyone was in a rush to get into that lab.

We hired the Crow as protection while we began the salvage operation of the underground lab, but as soon as we used the key and that steel barricade went up, in goes a squad of White Crow. They came back out a few minutes later, torn to shreds.

But one of them was clutching something. That something, whatever it is, belongs to us, and I want it back. The bankers will pay well if you want to do this job for us. Look for the soldier with the torn-up hand.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


As the Crow Dies
The White Crow soldier with the bandaged hand did not have any unusual items on him. There is however is a note that reads: "I understand the losses you have suffered to retrieve this artifact, and you will be richly rewarded once it is in our possession." It sounds as if the item is still within the camp.
500 Experience


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