Group Mission IconBack Into the Mine
Start Harry Abingdon
EndUpon leaving the Mine.
TypeGroup Mission
Mission ItemsHazmat Kit Grade A
ChainCourage in the Field
Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver (2)
Trash Canyon
Trash Canyon (2)
In The Mine
Courage, Deep Down
Courage, Deep Down (2)
Courage in the Breach
Courage in the Breach (2)
Back Into the Mine
Time to Get Paid
Hero of the Overlook
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaBramby Mine


1. Find the location
2. Clean the drums to continue
3. Clean the drums to continue.
4. Clean the last of the waste and kill the mutant
5. Leave.

Tip: Each drum MUST be cleaned 3 times before it can disappear and weaken the boss.


Back Into the Mine
Harry Abingdon wants you to get rid of the toxic clouds in the mine.



We're finally ready to go into the mine and put a stop to this. Clear out those toxic clouds before they take over the whole plateau.

The toxic waste stirred up by the Blade Dancers in the mine has gotten out of control. We've had to seal off parts of the tunnel, but it's not enough.

Something is down there. Something big and ugly.
MissionVTell me more.


Back Into the Mine
Report your victory to Harry Abingdon.


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