Back to the Ranger
StartUpon obtaining the Blade Dancer Folder
EndRanger Samuel Dorsey
TypeAP Mission
Mission ItemsBlade Dancer Folder
Rewards1 AP
100 Experience
85 Chips
ChainIs the Grass Greener?
Follow the Trail
Farm Report
Talk to the Ranger
Turning a Blind Eye
Rustle the Rustlers
Best Plans of Mice and Rangers
Back to the Ranger
Message to Our Allies
Riders Away!
Razortongue's Demise
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSouth Burb


Return to Ranger Samuel Dorsey


Take the stolen folder back to Ranger Samuel Dorsey.


I hope they learned they're messing with the wrong people. The way I figure, there's really not too much future with sawed-off runts like them in our world. We just gotta help put things aright -- sometimes by skill, sometimes by force. Let me look over this information.

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