Bad Influences
StartAaron Barnes
EndUpon killing Stan Barnes
Rewards500 Experience
ChainBad Influences
Bad Influences (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaNew Flagstaff


Talk to Stan Barnes


Aaron Barnes wants you to talk to his son Stan in the small Devil's Own camp north of New Flagstaff.


Well, look what we have here. A clone. Just what I need.
Mission-What's going on here?

We're up here from Aesterly. When the devil's Own came down on the place my youngest buy, Stan, joined up. He was a good kid 'til they got hold of him. They sent him out with this bunch and I ain't seen him since. They've got a little camp just down this path here and I figure that's where he is.

All I need is somebody to get in there and talk to him. We're getting set up in New Flagstaff now and our boy belongs with his family. It might be tough gettin' into the camp; my boy Fred here brought some ammo if you need any. Can't hit the broad side of a barn himself or I'd send him in to get his brother.
Mission-I'll go look for him.


Oh, God. He's still sending clones after me. I couldn't leave if I wanted to; these guys shoot deserters. I'm sick of Dad's whining. He's afraid to pick a side. He plans to dig himself a hole and hide until it's safe outside, and that'll be no time this century. People like him are just going to get culled; there's no place for them anymore. Nothing personal, but I've got to send you back to the pod now. The fast way.
Mission-Defend yourself.


Bad Influences
Stan Barnes has breathed his last.


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