Barring Any Trouble (Gather Wood)
StartPatricia Rodes
EndPatricia Rodes
Rewards600 Experience
ChainWhat Could It Hurt
Double's Trouble
Barring Any Trouble
Taking Care of Business
Playing Detective
Questionable Experimentation
Outside the Norm
Rest in Pieces
One Then the Same
Origin of the Problem
Outside Watching In
Outside Watching In (2)
Translation Lost
Breaking Brekshire
Who's Lilly?
Researching Researchers
Pod Problems
Pod Protector
So, About That Pod
Hidden Agenda
Last Place You Look
Tracking Outside
Outside Reports
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaKaibab Forest


Acquire 10 Treated Wood


Barring Any Trouble
Patricia Rodes wants you to bring her 10 pieces of Treated Wood.



Shove off rerun- you've caused enough trouble here
Mission-What are you talking about? I've never see you before. Ever.

Really? Cause some piece of shit clone came through here a while ago, looked just like you- ranting and raving about shards and all that nonsense. You clones might just be more trouble than you're worth.
Mission-What the hell...look something weird is going on here. I'll figure out who trashed your place.

Not so fast, first you're going to fix this shit, you clones always think you have some big important things to do, well this time you're looking out for the little guy!
Mission-Seriously? What do you need Mission- wood? Adhesive? Liquor Come on, I'm being framed, I'm not doing busy work!

Ok, don't be a baby about it. How 'bout this if this bar is going to succeed we need less competition. Go take care of Al in Papermill. Or you can get me the wood I need to fix this place up -- that should keep me going until I get this place cleaned up.
Mission-Wait, you want me to kill the competition?

Or gather wood, either one helps.
MissionVGather wood.


Barring Any Trouble
That should be enough. Time to head back to Patricia.


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