Basic Needs (3)
StartElton Fincher
EndElton Fincher
Rewards500 Experience
45 Chips
1x Jackets 1 Instructions
1x Shoes 1 Instructions
1x Shirts 1 Instructions
ChainBasic Needs
Basic Needs (2)
Basic Needs (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSouth Burb


Basic Needs
Mission-Acquire 1 Black Shorts
Mission-Acquire 1 Black Fingerless Gloves
Mission-Acquire 1 Woven Belt
Mission-Return for your reward

Elton Fincher in South Burb wants you to make a pair of Black Shorts, a Black Fingerless Glove, and a Woven Belt. If you need to learn how to make pants, gloves, or belts, go see Tina Jacobsen-Fincher.



You did such a good job, but I need a little more skilled help now. I gave you the patterns to make lots of different clothing. I need you to make three pieces for me. Now, keep between you and me, but it's actually for my wife, Tina. She don't know it, but I wanted to make her a new outfit for her birthday comin' up. I can't very well make it with her in and out of here all the time, and keep it a surprise, can I?

I've managed to get the rest finished, but I need you to make me some black shorts, another black fingerless glove to match the one I made, and a woven belt. I'll give you the rest of the books that I have if you could do that for me.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Basic Needs
Woo! The stitch work on these shorts look like they were made in a factory. Mighty fine work. I'm sure she'll be mighty pleased. Oh, and here's those books I promised.


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