Group Mission IconBeginning of Things Ending
StartWounded Guard
EndWounded Guard
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TypeRepeatable Mission
Group Mission
ChainOne Mistake
Searching for Truth
Hopefully Harmless
Back to Zero
First Watch
Beginning of Things Ending
Titus Falling
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaRedstone Research Facility


Beginning of Things Ending
Mission-Find the location
Mission-Find a way deeper into the bunker.
Mission-Find a way deeper into the bunker.
Mission-Search the bunker and kill the White Crow responsible for releasing the plague. (target is Sotnik Makari if you take mission on level 30-39, Sotnik Aleksei on level 40-49 or Sotnik Bronislav on level 50-55).
Mission-Find and kill the Earthbound Scientist. (target is Earthbound Chemist if you take mission on level 30-39, Earthbound Virologist on level 40-49 or Earthbound Hematologist on level 50-55).

The Wounded Guard outside the White Crow Camp wants you to search the nearby Bunker and kill those responsible for the plague.



If you're here, then you've found the device Tinker stole from the Crow.
Mission-Were you after the device too?

I was tracking the Crow long before Tinker brought the plague down on those poor apes. They didn't make it, but they released it.
Mission-The Crow released this? From here?

No, South East of here. They're working from this strange bunker, there are other's with them...they call themselves...Earthbound.
Mission-I'll go find them and put a stop to all this.

Get friends. You can't survive in there alone.
Mission-Good plan.
MissionXI'll come back to help.


Did you get Them?
Mission-That is correct. Have I made myself clear?
MissionXNot yet.


  • You can repeat the mission and the instance, the mission is repeatable.
  • Make sure before you enter that you don't have any other missions in the instance, otherwise it will be bugged.
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