Blood Under Fingernails
EndUpon completing the objective
Rewards500 Experience
ChainBlood Under Fingernails
Bloody Fingernails
Observation Post Down
Not Tired, Ambushed
Who is Q?
Who is Q? (2)
Squealer Stomping, CHOTA Style
Squealer Stomping, CHOTA Style (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
Requirement(s)Level 15
Thog's been excited to send as many people as he can against the Union. Thog might not be the brightest lead in the tree, but he's a true Child at heart. I'm with him! Want to grind them under my bootheel too.

I'm hoping to do more than put a dent in their numbers like Thog did. Some Vistas gave us a heads-up about them Union people snooping around like dogs in heat.

So figure out who's the leader and cool them down all permanent-like. Work them out of our hair like a knife scraping blood from under your fingernails. And you better have blood under your nails if you done your job right.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.

Blood Under Fingernails
Mission-Union Documents found

Enriq of Fracture wants you to track down any information that might help lead you to the leader behind the local Union group. If anyone gets in your way, deal with them appropriately.
500 Experience



You've found a document in the observation outpost that mentions the patrol leader of this group is requested to meet with a Human League representative. Looks like you might have a chance to catch up with them before they make their rendezvous.

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