Blood on the Hoof
StartDr. Abraham Van Corian
EndJeremiah Underhill
Rewards500 Experience
ChainBlood on the Hoof
Blood on the Hoof (2)
Pale Blood
Pale Blood (2)
Father Gray
All the Damn Vampires
All the Damn Vampires (2)
All the Damn Vampires (3)
Sweet and Sour Raiders
Sweet and Sour Self
Masonic Secrets
Masonic Secrets (2)
Time Limit10m
AreaSunset Hill
Requirement(s)Level 23


Blood on the Hoof
Mission-Find Tom Deaver
Mission-Escort Tom to Jeremiah Underhill

Dr. Abraham Van Corian near Sunset Hill has asked you to search for his kidnapped assistant, Tom Deaver. Find Tom and escort him to Jeremiah Underhill at the cemetery.
500 Experience



Will you help me? My assistant Tom was taken by the Cult of the Dead. It may be that they've already killed him, but I owe him a rescue attempt. I've scanned the graveyard, but there's no sign of him. Simple logic would indicate that he is being held in the large building next to the cemetery. As you can see, I'm a bit long in the tooth to be quite so daring myself. Jeremiah Underhill will be waiting for you on the road near the cemetery to assist you in returning Tom safely.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Blood on the Hoof
Tom? Is that you? What have they done to you? I'll take Tom back to Dr. Van Corian. You should talk to the doc again when you have a chance. I'm sure he'll want to thank you properly.
500 Experience


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