Bruised and Bloodied (2)
StartTimothy Carroll
EndUpon completion
Rewards650 Experience
ChainBruised and Bloodied
Bruised and Bloodied (2)
Bruised and Bloodied (3)
Bruised and Bloodied (4)
Bruised and Bloodied (5)
Stay of Execution
Stay of Execution (2)
Stay of Execution (3)
Slay the Executioner
Executioner Extinguished
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaFarmland Defensive Post
Requirement(s)Level 39


Bruised and Bloodied
Mission-Search the first farmhouse

Private Timothy Carroll at the farmland defensive post southeast of Black Hill wants you to locate the leader of the Bloodhorde CHOTA attacking the farms. Begin your search at the nearest farmhouse to the defensive post.
650 Experience



Killing those leaders caused quite a stir. From out position here we witnessed someone who may be the top leader of this group storming through the farmlands, cursing and barking orders at the peons. You can't miss him: about seven feet tall, built like an ox, dressed in spikes and piercings. He's carrying the biggest machete I've ever seen, still dripping with blood. We need to find him. Killing him may be the answer.

See if you can locate his hiding place by talking to any survivors and looking for clues; hell, if you want to grab a few CHOTA and torture the information out of them that would be fine by me.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Bruised and Bloodied (2)
Nothing in here but a small group of CHOTA. There is another small farmhouse nearby, continue your search there.
650 Experience


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