Bruised and Bloodied (5)
StartRobby Hale
EndRobby Hale
Rewards300 Chips
10x Average Bandage
5x Impure Adrenal Dose
5x Average Pain Killer
ChainBruised and Bloodied
Bruised and Bloodied (2)
Bruised and Bloodied (3)
Bruised and Bloodied (4)
Bruised and Bloodied (5)
Stay of Execution
Stay of Execution (2)
Stay of Execution (3)
Slay the Executioner
Executioner Extinguished
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaFarmland Defensive Post
Requirement(s)Level 39


Bruised and Bloodied
Mission-0/1 Blood Horde Leader

Take this to help you out, best I can offer you. You kill that sonofabitch and you get revenge for my boy.
300 Chips



You lookin' for that big guy then. Ten feet tall, smells of death, killed my only son. Ole Grant over there called him The Executioner, says he seen the guy walking among the wounded and stickin' that huge blade through anythin' that moved... fried and foe. Grant says this as he's dyin' in my arms. Like a father to us all, he was.

You need to find that demon and send it back to hell. There's a big house near the granary we seen him get into.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Bruised and Bloodied (5)
William Stallard hands you a small collection of supplies, all stained heavily with blood.
300 Chips


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