Carbon Copy
StartStavros Gaunt
EndStavros Gaunt
TypeAP Mission
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
1x Broken LifeNet Collar
ChainReluctant Resister
Conscientious Resister
Resistance Exercise
Resistance Exercise (2)
Resistance Exercise (3)
Sibling Rivalry
Sibling Rivalry (2)
Sibling Rivalry (3)
Carbon Copy
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaOld Kingman


1. Find the location

2. Speak with Stavros


Visit Stavros Gaunt at the safe house in Old Kingman and confront him with the knowledge that he is Casta Gaunt's clone.


Stavros Gaunt: I've already heard you were in the prison. And I know you've discovered the truth: I'm not Casta's brother; I'm his clone. I hope you don't blame me for hiding it. Wouldn't you keep it a secret if you could? Most people don't understand. How can they? You're a clone, but are you a copy of that original personality? Have you followed in the footsteps of your "sibling"?

Player: Maybe. I don't know where my alpha DNA comes from.

Stavros Gaunt: Then you're lucky. Imagine being told you're a copy of someone who disgusts you, that you were created to replace a madman... a monster. I've lived with that knowledge ever since I became aware of what I was.

Player: Do you defy Casta only to prove your individuality from him?

Stavros Gaunt: Maybe. Can you be sure that what drives your actions is purely of your own well, devoid of your creators' influences? I defy Casta because every thought I have tells me what he's doing is wrong and needs to be stopped.

Player: Are you going to tell the townsfolk what you are?

Stavros Gaunt: No. I hope that as a clone, you can understand my reasons for that. Like I said when we first met, you don't have to follow me, you don't have to like me, none of that matters. Only the fight matters, and this town is better off with me alive and running the raiders out of town. I doubt they'd continue to accept my help - let alone my leadership - if they knew I'm Casta's clone. Please, allow me my secret so I can accomplish something important with the rest of my life.


Okay, Stavros. Good luck to you.


Stavros was right: the town is better off with him than without him, and that means that his secret can't be public knowledge. You can't say for sure that Stavros doesn't share Casta's over-zealous nature, but you can be certain he isn't just a carbon copy.

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