Choosing Sides
StartIrina Wilcox
EndElton Kraig
Rewards500 Experience
120 Chips
1x M-Croall AW-1B
ChainCracked, Not Broken
Strategic Maneuvers
Strategy of Exhaustion
Early Warning
Choosing Sides
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest


Talk to Elton Kraig


Choosing Sides
Tell Elton Kraig what Irina told you.



So it's come down to this. Good people supporting freaks and rehashes. I guess I don't have much of a choice, right? Turn on my friends, or be chased out of my home by a bunch of genetic abnormalities. That's what you all are, you know? Birth defects, or in your case, just bad science. Fine! I'll tell you what going on. But those town guards better be worth what Jensen pays them, 'cause the League is coming for me when they find out I spilled everything.
Mission-The Human League. Why am I not surprised?

That's right. The Human League sent the snipers. They've been attacking the camps to get people to drive out the Vistas so they can take over. The one in charge isn't even stationed out here. He's hiding out in some town south of here. That's all I know.
MissionVElton Kraig will certainly be interested to hear this.


Choosing Sides
I'm not sure if the situation is better or worse than I thought. At least we know more about the League. I think you and I should both keep an eye out for them.


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