Closing the Book
StartRandy Melbourne
EndRandy Melbourne
Rewards500 Experience
65 Chips
1x Open Book Society Mark
ChainTrue Reason
True Reason (2)
True Reason (3)
True Reason (4)
True Reason (5)
Closing the Book
Closing the Book (2)
Closing the Book (3)
Closing the Book (4)
Closing the Book (5)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads


1. Kill 10 Open Book Counselors

2. Return for your reward


Randy Melbourne at Embry Crossroads wants you to kill Open Book Counselors.


Randy Melbourne:

These filthy bastards tell people that they can make them feel good and loved and wanted and all that shit, and take them away from the people who REALLY love them. Not only that, I've seen them slaughter whole groups of petitioners they claim are "unworthy" and "weak." I've been poking around their camp... I even killed one of their people and found this medallion with a symbol on it. A book, with two slit eyes and a star. Creepy shit. Anyway, since they're on to me, do you think you could continue my work and kill as many of 'em as you can?


Those wild-eyed sons of bitches deserve every cut, scrape, and hole you put in 'em.

Here. Take the medallion. I ain't got a use for it anymore.

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