Closing the Book (2)
StartRandy Melbourne
EndUpon defending the Petitioners
Rewards500 Experience
ChainTrue Reason
True Reason (2)
True Reason (3)
True Reason (4)
True Reason (5)
Closing the Book
Closing the Book (2)
Closing the Book (3)
Closing the Book (4)
Closing the Book (5)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaThe Ascent


1. Find the location
2.a Defend your position (three waves of three Open Book Purgers)

2.b 1 of 5 Petitioners safe


Randy Melbourne wants you to protect the Petitioners at the Open Book Lodge from the impending purge.


Randy Melbourne:

You been one of their petitioners, right? You saw others up there on that hill, right? Sometimes, when they sense that they're all unqorthy, they jsut send up a bunch of counselors and kill 'em all. I heard tell that they're getting a band together to go up there now. That's how my little girl went. My Shanna. Protect those ignorant fools. Make sure they don't get too many of them.


You've kept the purge squad from killing most of the petitioners. Once the dust settles, you hear a whimper coming from behind the lodge.

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