Closing the Book (3)
StartUpon completion of Closing the Book (2)
EndUpon reaching the waypoint.
Rewards500 Experience
100 Chips
ChainTrue Reason
True Reason (2)
True Reason (3)
True Reason (4)
True Reason (5)
Closing the Book
Closing the Book (2)
Closing the Book (3)
Closing the Book (4)
Closing the Book (5)
Time Limit15m
AreaThe Ascent


1. Follow the voice
2. Escort Mistreated Girl to the waypoint

3. Defend Mistreated Girl


Escort the girl back to Embry Crossroads


Mistreated Girl:

Oh, you... please help me. I've hid here for more than two weeks stealing water and food at night. I can't get away from the others. I hid after they attacked a group of us just like the attack you jsut stopped. I'm scared. Please, would you help me home?


What? Shanna? SHANNA? Oh, thank the dust, you're safe! Did they treat you bad? How did you survive with those monsters?

Ah, clone. This is your doing! Thank you so much. Here... take this. Sorry, though I don't think any reward could truly be enough to thank you for savin' my Shanna.

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