Closing the Book (4)
StartRandy Melbourne
EndUpon killing Harlon Grey
TypeAP Mission
Rewards2 AP
500 Experience
1x Grey's Hood
ChainTrue Reason
True Reason (2)
True Reason (3)
True Reason (4)
True Reason (5)
Closing the Book
Closing the Book (2)
Closing the Book (3)
Closing the Book (4)
Closing the Book (5)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads


Talk to Harlon Grey


Randy Melbourne wants you to confront the Open Book Society's leader on a hilltop near Embry Crossroads.


Randy Melbourne: You know I can't thank you enough for bringing my Shanna back to me. I had figured her for dead when she hadn't been seen for so long. She knows where she's loved now, and I doubt she'll go runnin' off with the next cult to set up shop in Kook's Alley. She did tell me about someone she saw, though. A real crazy son-of-a-bitch with dead eyes who wore a cloth over his mouth. She said that she though when he spoke, he didn't move his mouth. He's Harlon Grey, the real leader of the Open Book Society... not that Elroy Killian who's out preaching on the street.

She said that she overheard some of the counselors say that he spends some of his time under one of those big radio dishes on the hill outside of town. Probably trying to get orders from his space men overlords or some shit.


Harlon Grey: One of the petitioners survived the purge.

Player: More than one.

Harlon Grey: We know. We see more than you closed mind would understand.

Player: At least I don't try to open minds with an axe.

Harlon Grey: True. Some of Our counselors get... overzealous... with Our treatment of the unqorthy. However, We only follow the true teaching that those who are unworthy or criticize Our works are fair game for elimination.

Player: You deserve to die.

Harlon Grey:

You may attempt to kill Us. However, be aware that Our strength's true boundaries are limitless.


The static you heard as he attacked you fades as his body goes limp.

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