Collections Call
StartRicky Vargas
EndRicky Vargas
Rewards500 Experience
70 Chips
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads
Requirement(s)Level 4


1. Talk to Telly Jones
2. Defeat Telly Jones
3. Talk to Suzi Laws
4. Defeat Suzi Laws
5. Talk to "Wound-up" Harris
6. Defeat "Wound-up" Harris

7. Return for your reward


Ricky Vargas in Embry Crossroads wants you to take out three of his customers. Telly Jones was last seen in the dirt market behind the strip mall. Suzi Laws was last seen hiding out back of her uncle Chet's shop. "Wound-up" Harris was last seen in Temple Row.


Ricky Vargas: Hey, there, restart. You look like you're tough enough to chomp on steel like it was chewing gum.

Player: Yeah, what of it?

Ricky Vargas: No disrespect. I could use someone like you. I got a job that'll pay quite nice if you're willing.

Player: What do you want me to do?

Ricky Vargas: I make my money in lots of ways... little of this, little of that, but usually it ends up that people owe me. Don't ask me how, but they do. I have a few people that owe me, and some of them I've gotta "charge off" if you know what I mean.

Player: I think I get you.

Ricky Vargas: Good. These three wretches aren't worth the breath it takes to descrbe them, but I gotta make a point with my other clients, you know?

Player: Gotcha.

Ricky Vargas: The first guy is Telly Jones. Deadbeat let it ride once too often, and now he's in the hole big. He'd run if he saw any of my guys, so I need you to go talk to him, and let him know about my disappointment. He was last down in the dirt market behind the old strip mall trying to sell his shoes for gambling money.

Player: The second?

Ricky Vargas: That's Suzi Laws. She started a little import-export deal that I financed. The law came down on her, and now she's busted. but she owes me what she promised. She's been avoiding me by staying in the back of her uncle Chet's shop in the strip mall.

Player: And the last one?

Ricky Vargas: The last one is a real winner. This guy calls himself "Wound-up" Harris. He was one of my guys who went out to collect, but decided to keep the sack of chips for himself. This guy's going to be the ahrdest to find. Last I heard, he was somewhere around Kook Alley... or Temple Row as they like to call it. You know, where all the street preachers shout their nonsense.

Player: Got it.

Ricky Vargas: When you're done, come back here, and I'll pay ya.


Sounds fair.


Telly Jones: hey, man, wanna buy some socks? They're real good. I've only worn them for the last two years. They're prqactically brand new, but for the stains and holes.

Player: Not interested.

Telly Jones: Yeah... not too many takers these days. Say. Can I get some chips from you? Anything you can spare? I jsut need a little seed money to get myself back into the black. Jsut a little... and I can use my winnings to pay back Vargas.

Player: Why do you owe Vargas?

Telly Jones: Vargas put some chips down on a bet for me... I was winning big, and just wanted that little extra oomph to multiply my profits. They were giving fourteen to one on what I jsut KNEW was a guaranteed win. It won, but then I let it ride on the next race, and lost.

Player: What were you betting on?

Telly Jones: Prairie chicken races.

Player: Seriously?

Telly Jones: Yeah.

Player: I guess I have to kill you over Prairie chickens, then.

Suzi Laws: What do you want? Why are you back here?

Player: Why are you back here?

Suzi Laws: My business failed. I'm helping my uncle run his shop.

Player: What a nice shop. It'd be a shame if...

Suzi Laws: You can stop that right now. My uncle pays what he has to in order to keep things running smoothly/

Player: I hear you don't pay.

Suzi Laws: You... you're with HIM, aren't you?

Player: Bingo.

"Wound-up" Harris: Yeah. What's up? What's with you? Why you up on me?

Player: Slow down.

"Wound-up" Harris: I'm just spun a little fast right now. Got a lot going on in my head. Maybe if I stop putting shit into my arm it won't go to my head. Ha!

Player: Yeah. Funny.

"Wound-up" Harris: Hey, you're distracting me. What do you WANT?

Player: I want you to stop yelling.

"Wound-up" Harris: Well, eat shit and die, then!

Ricky Vargas: They all bit it?




Good. Damn fools like them make an honest businessman like me look bad.

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