Come to Your Sensors
StartGraham 923
EndGraham 923
Rewards500 Experience
850 Chips
ChainCome to Your Sensors
More Luck Than Sensor
False Sensor of Security
True Sensor of Security
Sensor and Sensibility
- Kill Ardeal
- Use Graham's Data Disc
Return to Your Sensors
Run for the Ridge
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest


Come to Your Sensors
Mission-Obtain 3 Scrap Circuits
Mission-Obtain 3 Scrap Aluminum
Mission-Obtain 6 Scrap Wires
Mission-Return for your reward

Graham 923 in Pitchblende wants you to scavenge, harvest, or purchase the items he needs to make three LifeNet sensors.
500 Experience
850 Chips



I'm glad you're here. graham 922 in Wasted Woods has filled me in on all the good work you clones have done there. He was particularly impressed that such a small group could retake one of the old LifeNet pods and recovery some of the pre-Fall data from the mainframe there.

Were you one of the clones who helped?
Mission-That is correct. Have I made myself clear?
MissionXI need a minute.

How wonderful! Then you'll understand how important it is to reclaim the defunct pods in the Deadfall. Why, the information we've gotten from Muskala's LifeNet hideout has been invaluable to our understanding of pre-Fall cloning techniques.

It may seem strange to you that different LifeNet facilities used different methods, but the technology needed continual improvement, and that meant continual experimentation.
Mission-Experiments on clones?
MissionXI'm not interested.

Yes, I'm afraid so. But most of the clones before the Fall weren't like you. They were created as a workforce -- docile, physically tough, and not very smart. Anyway, you aren't the only one to be concerned about the ethics of cloning experimentation.
Mission-What do you mean?
MissionXJust a second.

Well, you see, when the LifeNet facility near Wasted Woods came online, so did one north of Pitchblende. But there's a problem.

The LifeNet facility has been taken over by the Shiva's Blessed. We can tell by the data coming in that they've been using the facility to make clones -- well, not clones like you, but workforce clones.

We've not sure what they're using the clones for, but it can't be good. We can't seem to shut down the facility remotely. The Shiva's Blessed must've figured out how to override the protocols.
Mission-So what do you need me to do?
MissionXI'll be right back.

We need to create and place some special sensors that will tap into the data feed of the facility. That will give us more information about what's going on inside that facility.

First, I'll need help gathering the materials to make the sensors.
MissionXMaybe later.


Come to Your Sensors
Excellent. Let me rig these up. Only takes a second.
500 Experience
850 Chips


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