Containing the Contagion
StartBrother Paul Kelly
EndBarry Dee
Rewards100 Experience
ChainContaining the Contagion
Containing the Contagion (2)
Containing the Contagion (3)
Side Effects
Side Effects (2)
Side Effects (3)
Escalating the Issue
Escalating the Issue (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaNorth Burb


Talk to Barry Dee


Containing the Contagion
Brother Paul Kelly wants you to go talk to the sick Blade Dancer in the quarantine zone.



We have a real problem...
Mission-What's wrong?

I'm at the end of my patience. People are getting sick and dying, and we have no idea why. Antibiotics and antivirals don't work. Even our most gifted empaths don't seem to be making a dent in their condition. If only we could find the root doesn't seem to be contagious from person to person, but something here is causing it. I need any information I can get my hands on as as to the cause of the problem. Even something that seems an innocuous or isolated problem may hold a clue to the cause of the affliction. If you know anything, please, bring me any clues you may have.
MissionVIs there something I can do to help?

Yes! It all makes sense now! We know that the grain has some wierd properties, the Blade Dancers were in control of the farm, and that the farmers got sick first. So, what we need to know is how they infected the grain and how we can stop it.
Mission-Right. What's the plan?

One of the Blade Dancers came to us, sick, a few days ago. He's probably not eating our grain supply, so he may have been infected in another way. Go talk to him. His name is Barry Dee.
MissionVWill do.


Yer not on'a them Lightbearers. Whadda YOU want?
Mission-We know about the grain you poisoned.

What grain? Are you outta yer mind?
Mission-Out at the farm...

Screw you, buddy. I was just a lookout!
Mission-The medics may not like murderers using up the painkillers...

I never poisoned no grain! I worked during the day... Don't take away the drugs... the boss and his crew did things at night. I watched 'em while they slept! I swear! I never knew nothin'. Do you think what they did is why I'm sick?

Shit shit shit. SHIT! My momma told me that the Dancers were up to no good... I thought that someone so cool couldn't be all that bad. Now I'm dyin', and my momma's all the way up in Mowbray.
MissionVYou could redeem yourself by telling me how to find your boss.

Containing the Contagion
Fine. I'll tell you everything I know.


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