Corpse Run (Union)
StartCorpse of Corvis Wiley
EndChristopher Reimann
Mission ItemsUnion Documents
Rewards50 Experience
380 Chips
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaAbandoned Storefronts
Corpse Run (Union)
Mission-Christopher Reimann

Deliver the documents to the Union.


This corpse seems to have been here for at least a few days. Clutched in the corpse's hands are a sheaf of papers. Upon examination, the papers seem to indicate that the dead man was Corvis Wiley, a member of the Union. It seems that he had been spying on the Enforcers and had uncovered some weaknesses in the defenses of Post 23. Any number of people would probably love to have this information, but you suspect the Union, the Enforcers, and the CHOTA would all be KEENLY interested.
MissionVDeliMissionVer the documents to the Union.
MissionXYuck! I'm not touching that.

Corpse Run (Union)
Ah, yes. This is exactly what I was looking for. Corvis didn't make it, eh? Oh well, he would have been handsomely rewarded. Too bad for him, but good for you!

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