Corrosive Situation
StartRay-Anne Fincher
EndRay-Anne Fincher
Rewards500 Experience
25 Chips
1x Dilute Acid
1x Weak Botanic Chemical
1x Acids 1 Formula
ChainEither Ore
Corrosive Situation
Corrosive Situation (2)
Live and Let Dye
Live and Let Dye (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSouth Burb


1. Acquire the following:

2. Return for your reward


Corrosive Situation
Ray-Anne Fincher wants you to find some Dilute Acid and Weak Botanic Chemicals. She pointed you to the location of some black ants from which you may be able to harvest the Dilute Acid if you get lucky Dilute Acid can also be found on the Burning Cacti that grow around South Burb. The Weak Botanic Chemicals can be found on any plant in the South Burb area.



Whoa there... don't take another step forward. This is volatile stuff we're dealing with.
Mission-What's going on?

This stuff could blow at any moment. Hold it... hold it... There. We're safe.
Mission-Are you sure?

Positive. So, were you looking for more work? I need someone to gather resources for me.
Mission-For what?

I'm trying to come up with a good solution to dissolve some of the more useless rock and not harm any metals or other useful materials in this ore sample. I'll need some acid to start, but I'll also need some certain plant extracts.
Mission-Where do I get those?

To gather what I need, you'll have to know how to extract useful compounds from plants and possibly some giant ants. I jsut gave you that book on gathering useful materials from insects, so you should probably go ahead and read that if you haven't already. I guess if you were really generous, and wanted to take the lazy way out, you could always buy the acid and chemicals from one of the merchants over in the market.
Mission-Got it.

Any more questions?
Mission-I'm ready to begin.


Do you have the goods?

Corrosive Situation
Great! Wow. If you can get stuff this good, you could be pretty useful. Here. Take this book. It'll tell you how to use what you just harvested to make some more powerful acidic compounds. I'll give you some of the chemicals back so you can make me something from it.


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