Courage, Deep Down
StartHarry Abingdon
EndUpon using the Rescue Gear on the Medic
Mission ItemsClinton FARM Rescue Gear
Rewards500 Experience
258 Chips
ChainCourage in the Field
Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver (2)
Trash Canyon
Trash Canyon (2)
In The Mine
Courage, Deep Down
Courage, Deep Down (2)
Courage in the Breach
Courage in the Breach (2)
Back Into the Mine
Time to Get Paid
Hero of the Overlook
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaBramby Mine


Find and Help Medic


Courage, Deep Down
Harry Abingdon wants you to find the Bramby Mine then use the rescue gear to provide aid to the captive there.



Courage, Deep Down
Thanks for coming, I needed the rescue. I didn't think I'd get out of here alive! Between the Blade Dancers and the fumes, it was close. They've breached toxic waste barrels, and now they're just leaving them to leak. It may kill the Blade Dancers first, but if you don't do something about it, it's going to kill every single person in Clinton FARM. The toxic waste is a base, so you'll need coal and copper to neutralize it. Don't worry about me, I can sneak out now that I regained my strength. Thanks for the gear!


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